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Pleshakov Music Center

Music is a reflection of truth.
Music makes us look deep into ourselves, to  find out who and what we really are.
Music makes us look outside of ourselves, to discover that we are part of everything and everyone around us.
Music teaches us and inspires us. It expands our horizons and enriches our lives.
Music helps us acquire tools to learn other things in life, and do them better.
Through music we not only learn, but also share what we know and what we are.

Every person is unique, different from all others in this world. Yet every person should try to live in harmony with all others. Music can help to preserve this fine balance. Without music,  life's harmony is more elusive, harder to achieve and still harder to maintain.
We believe that the tools you acquire from participating in music are the same tools you can use to learn anything else that interests you or is essential to your life and your work.  Music enables you to be a better learner, a better observer. If you play an instrument, your reflexes are developed, and your health (body and mind) may benefit
at any age.
Music may  not make you smarter, but it can make you adapt better and faster to different challenges in your life. It can be as valuable to children as to adults and seniors.

You can participate in music as listener, singer, instrumentalist, improviser, composer. All these tasks have many levels, but any level of activity in music does bring benefits to you.

We believe that our work is of intrinsic value. We believe that music is available to all, equally and impartially. We believe that music bestows enjoyment and dignity. It is a birthright nobody can take away from you.

Your participation is essential for us, no matter how much or how little you participate in our concerts, lectures, masterclasses, website news, blogs, private teaching or Skype, our web shop and web donation drives.
We use donated funds for scholarships, publishing our books and new music, your books and new music.

We thank you.  We acknowledge your participation. We work for you. It is because of you that Pleshakov Music Center, Inc. exists and functions.

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